We love tabletop! We want to share the excitement of playing and GMing tabletop games with you.

Switching from the theater of the mind play style to 3D sets all started with a thought: “What the heck, let’s try minis.” Okay, so maybe not the most philosophical thing in the world but it felt like a pretty big change. We started off painting minifigures and crafting terrain with foam. After buying a 3D printer, our games (and house) soon filled with awesome sets, tough monsters, and amazing memories.

Our 3D sets make quite an impression on our players. They are more engaged with the story and more creative with their role-playing. The miniature scenery and figures also minimize confusion with monster and player positioning during combat.

The sets also help inspire stories around scenes when we have those “Oh man, they are coming over tomorrow and we have nothing… NOTHING ready!” moments. They can turn a totally thrown together session into a streamlined session. Like you meant to do that the whole time. Yup, it was totally on purpose.

We enjoy gaming, creating, and crafting so much that we want to share it with you. Let us help you illuminate your next tabletop adventure with 3D sets printed by Dungeon Torch.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch our D&D campaign, 'Secrets of your GM' series and 3D print time-lapses at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSlaa5KjquFNgXCOgr_0KTQ/